Our Services

We at CEHcafe provide top-notch hacker for hire services for every and all needs. We have professional hackers at your disposal

Phone Hack

Do you need to hack any mobile device? Our hackers at CEHcafe can access any mobile device and bypass and security protection.

Email Hack

Do you want to hack an email address? Our hackers at CEHcafe can access any email and retrieve your desired information.

Lost Your Password?

Did you forget your password? Our team of professional hackers can retrieve your password from just about anywhere that uses one

Social Media Hack

We can provide access to any social media account

Change Grade

Our hackers can alter your grades on your school's online records


We can also help protect your online account from access from other hackers

Wipe Criminal Records

Our team of professional hackers can wipe all your online criminal records at request

Find Someone

Find loved ones, missed connections or old friends with our world wide Person Locate Service.

Bank Transact and Money Order

We also provide banking and money order hacks

Clear Records

Our hacker can clear your records from any database both locally and internationally

Credit Score Update

We can alter your credit scores to make you appear a lot more creditworthy

Cheating Spouse

Find out for sure what your spouse is up to with our Digital Investigation services.

Other Services

We also offer extra services like production of visas, passports and drivers license

Reputation Management

Control your online reputation but removing false information and getting your positive message out.